Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluations: focus on functional communication. Students who have difficulty using speech as their primary means of communication can benefit from AAC recommendations and support. Solutions can range from non-electronic communication displays to communication devices controlled by eye movements.

Assistive Technology (AT) Curriculum Access Evaluations: 
mainly support curriculum access. Students who have difficulties with language, learning, reading, or handwriting, benefit from AT evaluations; the AT specialists will recommend apps or software programs that will read out loud, help the students with organizing their thoughts, etc.

AT Devices for Youth

ESMA partners with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to offer a variety of Assistive Technology devices to Pre-Employment Transition Services youth to add to their educational experience. Available devices include smartwatches, tablets, virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Nest, and various apps for reminders, scheduling, and organization.

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  Success Stories  

Teenage girl uses an AAC device

Why choose Easterseals MA?

Our AT and AAC experts help ensure that assistive technology, including iPads, apps, tablets, computers, dedicated speech-generating devices, access equipment, and low-tech aids, will meet your students’ curriculum and Augmentative Communication needs. Our Schools staff consists of Speech-Language Pathologists and Assistive Technology Specialists, and they will work collaboratively with your school team to identify effective solutions and support the students in reaching their goals.

We assist school staff with the following:

  • Determining the most appropriate Augmentative Communication devices, including both dedicated devices as well as tablet-based solutions and apps
  • Selecting and arranging vocabulary, as well as improving language and interaction skills, for students communicating with assistive technology
  • Utilizing high and low technology to improve comprehension, organization, and behavior via visual supports, schedules, and organizational apps
  • Integrating devices and apps into the classroom curriculum and your students’ IEPs
  • Determining which adaptations (e.g., switches, mounts) provide the most effective and efficient access to technology for students with physical or sensory disabilities
  • Identifying assistive technology solutions to help Transition age students achieve greater independence as they prepare to leave high school

Dedicated Expertise

Do you have students with expressive communication and comprehension needs?
Request an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation or Consultation

Do you have students with technology access and educational technology needs?
Request an Assistive Technology (AT) Evaluation for Curriculum Access

We offer assessments, consultations, and training tailored to your student’s developmental and educational needs.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

The Easterseals Massachusetts Augmentative Communication (AAC) Program provides comprehensive evaluation and consultation services to children and adults who are non-speaking or otherwise having difficulty using their speech for communication. Learn more.

Assistive Technology Loan Programs

This program provides access to low-interest cash loans for the purchase of assistive devices and services to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities as well as assistance with obtaining AT devices. Learn more.

Assistive Technology Regional Centers (ATRC)

People with and without disabilities and their families can see, touch, learn, and borrow assistive technology devices to make more informed decisions regarding the technology that will meet their needs. Learn more.

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