Easterseals Massachusetts has a contract with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) Vocational Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation Technology Division to provide assistive technology assessments, equipment, and training for individuals with disabilities in greater Boston, central and southeastern Massachusetts.

Rehabilitation technology is the application of technology to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Its purpose is to eliminate barriers and enhance opportunities in education, rehabilitation, employment, transportation, independent living, and recreation. Rehabilitation technology services are provided for people with severe mobility, learning, communication, emotional, visual, hearing, neurological, neuromuscular, and other disabilities. They may be provided:

  • To enhance functional capacities by eliminating or minimizing functional limitations imposed by the disability
  • To enhance functional communication abilities by identifying appropriate augmentative communication devices and strategies for clients who are non-speaking or who have difficulty using their speech for communication
  • To lead to and/or expand vocational rehabilitation, independent living rehabilitation, and employment opportunities by eliminating barriers
  • To conduct eligibility determinations and to develop an Individual Plan for Employment.

Assistive technology includes devices, aides, and enhancements used in rehabilitation technology.

For more information, contact Easterseals Massachusetts at info@eastersealsma.org or call 800-244-2756.