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Choosing the right kind of care for a family member who is frail or vulnerable due to injury, illness or age is one of the most difficult decisions. Use the resources listed below to help you balance all your caregiving responsibilities and beyond.

What is a caregiver?

An elderly man and a caregiver outside

Are you handling your aging mother's bills? Do you take your grandfather to the grocery store once a week? Do you take time off work to drive your aunt to her doctor appointments? If so, you are a caregiver ... and there are many services and supports available to you and the person for whom you are caring.

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What are some resources for military caregivers?

A veteran in a wheelchair with a young caregiver and a little boy

Our focus is on informal and family caregivers, including caregivers to our nation’s veterans. We have many supports and resources for military caregivers, including free caregiving webinars, military caregiver training, respite care, and more.

  • Free Military Caregiving Education: Check out the hour-long on-demand educational online sessions available 24/7 for all military caregivers, providing tips and tools on topics including depression, childcare, intimacy, hearing loss, caregiver self-care and home safety. Select sessions are available in Spanish. Easterseals developed this series in partnership with The Elizabeth Dole Foundation and other military service and caregiving partners. Review past webinars.

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How does Easterseals care for caregivers?

Two elderly women on a couch smiling at one another

We offer a variety of programs and resources to provide support and care for caregivers.

If you have any questions about caregiving services offered in your community, contact your local Easterseals to find out more.

Many of our locations across the country offer respite services that allow both caregivers and the people for whom they're caring the opportunity to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Our respite services are offered nationwide and designed to give caregivers a much needed break from the stress of caregiving.

Whether you're planning for future caregiving needs, or learning how to make decisions as a caregiver, we're here for you every step of the way with our caregiving guide.

Get smart about your credit and work towards your homeownership goal.

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Caregiving Stories

Read and share modern stories of caregiving with our The New Faces of Caregiving series.

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More resources for caregivers:

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Contact Easterseals for more information about Easterseals services for caregivers in your area.

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