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Everything You Know About Disability is Wrong is a podcast for the disability community by the disability community, hosted by two disabled women. But if you're not disabled, listen in to learn about real issues, celebrations, and conversations disabled people are having in their communities.

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Season 3

Gaelynn Lea

Episode 1 - Gaelynn Lea

Join our hosts, Lily Newton and Erin Hawley, as they sit down with the riveting Gaelynn Lea, whose voice and violin strings resonate with the force of change, challenging our perceptions of ability and accessibility.

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Season 2

Kaelynn Circle

Episode 1 -Kaelynn Partlow

Kaelynn Partlow, autistic advocate and Senior Therapist at Project Hope Foundation, Inc., was featured on the Netflix series called, “Love on the Spectrum.” She joins hosts Erin and Lily to chat about neurodiversity, social media advocacy, and more!

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Episode 2 - Lindsey Rowe Parker

Lindsey Rowe Parker, author of the children’s book, “Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down,” joins the podcast to discuss why disability representation is important in children's literature.

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Episode 3 - Jillian Mercado

As a fashion model, actress, and disability rights advocate, Jillian has a lot going on! Throughout her career, she has encountered comments from strangers about her disability. Learn about how she became inspired by those experiences to create safe, inclusive spaces on social media.

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Collette Divitto

Episode 4 - Collette Divitto

Collette Divitto, founder and CEO of Collettey’s Cookies, turned her love for baking into a successful business where half of the staff has a disability. She joins hosts Erin and Lily to chat about her successes, life as an entrepreneur, and the stigma many disabled people face while building their careers.

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Episode 5 - Lachi

Erin and Lily are joined by award-winning recording artist, Youtuber and disability advocate Lachi. Lachi talks about her DEI work in the music industry and the nuances of ableism as it relates to trauma, class, race, and gender.

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Jameela Jamil

Episode 6 - Jameela Jamil

In this exciting episode, Jameela Jamil, actress, activist, and television host, shares how she began to understand her own disability while navigating the entertainment industry. We're working through shame, making our own rules, and creating inclusive spaces together to break barriers. Are you in?

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Season 1


Jen Msumba

Meet award-winning filmmaker, musician, and creator of this podcast's theme song, Jennifer Msumba (she/her). Jennifer shares her experiences in unrequited love as an autistic woman.

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Nic Novicki

Meet comedian, actor, and founder of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, Nic Novicki (he/him). Nic talks about representation, popcorn betrayal, and a love story that ended up on the big screen!

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Emily Ladau

Author of Demystifying Disability, Emily Ladau (she/her), discusses her experiences with ableism on dating apps. Plus cringey first dates and how to know when love is real.

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Dom Evans

Dom Evans (they/he) is a filmmaker, activist, public speaker, and writer. They dig deep into discussions with Erin and Lily about health care and mental health. Plus, a live declaration of love!

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Erin and Lily

In this special episode, hosts Erin and Lily bring on their romantic partners to chat about their love origin stories, dealing with conflict as multiply-disabled couples, and the importance of strong communication in a relationship.

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Vilissa Thompson

In this episode, we talk about disability pride with Vilissa Thompson, who is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her work!

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About the Podcast

Everything You Know about Disability is Wrong with hosts Erin and Lily provides an authentic exploration about navigating life as a disabled adult. As a disability podcast for and by the disability community, conversations feature disabled leaders, advocates, and content creators while challenging assumptions and stigmas -- but don’t get it twisted. This podcast is not for your inspiration! Erin and Lily bring thoughtful honesty and witty humor to complex topics that are often misunderstood. Tune in to Everything You Know about Disability is Wrong even if you don’t have a disability – you will definitely learn a thing or two!

Erin Circle


Erin is the communications and digital content producer at Easterseals. She is an avid reader, and shares her bookish adventures on her YouTube channel, From Erin's Library. Erin is also an advocate for inclusion and accessibility in gaming.

Twitter @geekygimp Youtube @FromErinsLibrary
Lily Circle


Lily is an artist, filmmaker, neurodiversity advocate, and is passionate about diversity representation in the arts. She loves making educational content and wants to increase accessibility in virtual spaces.