Easterseals Military & Veterans Services and Resources

By engaging local organizations and communities, Easterseals has worked to connect veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness since World War II. Our grassroots outreach – through several affiliate locations in communities nationwide– provide unmatched, accessible, and indispensable resources and support for veterans and military families.

To find out if an Easterseals in your area is offering veterans services, please contact your local Easterseals.

Disabled Veterans and Employers:
Moving From Surviving to Thriving

Disabled Veterans and employers

Our veterans protected and served us all – now we need to do the same for them. Less than half of disabled veterans say they have enough money to cover healthcare expenses. We can do better for our veterans.
Check out our recent Disabled Veterans Study for more.

Our Work in Action

The needs of veterans and military families are evolving, not disappearing. Easterseals specializes in identifying the needs of veterans and military families, particularly with employment, job training and family respite opportunities. We work to make solutions easily accessible in communities in the following areas.

Advocacy & Education

Our advocacy team works to influence federal and state legislation affecting veterans and military families and actively engages with Congressional staff in pursuit of these goals. Our primary focus is to ensure that Veterans and military families have access to appropriate services and supports.

Employment Programs and Job Training

Our employment programs provide the necessary tools to achieve and maintain meaningful employment and a steady income. We offer skills training, job search assistance, employment preparation and guidance. For example, in the Washington Metropolitan Area, Easterseals established the Veteran Staffing Network, which has as placed 2,700 people with jobs in 37 states since its inception.

Health and Wellness Programs

We aim to reach as many veterans and military families as possible to provide health resources and programs, including adult day and medical rehabilitation services.

Network of Support for Veterans and Military Families

Veterans Staffing Network


The Easterseals Veterans Staffing Network is a full-service staffing agency that builds upon our decades-long legacy of service. By focusing squarely on the needs of individual employers and individual veterans, we provide the best personal match for each position and support our nation’s veterans – highly trained leaders - in their successful transition to civilian life.

Visit the Easterseals Veterans Staffing Network

Caregiving and Respite

We strive to ensure military caregivers can access what they need to take on the enormous responsibility of caregiving—often, while still needing to work, navigate family life and take care of themselves. We embrace and support military caregivers through respite services, caregiver training, and connections to local resources. One such partnership is the ARCH (Access to Respite Care and Help) National Network. They offer caregiving and respite programs all over the United States.

Visit the ARCH National Respite Network

Finances and Homeownership

We partner with Freddie Mac to educate and assist veterans and military families with creating a strong financial foundation to achieve their life goals, including homeownership. Learn about what programs are available for building credit, finding a home, and paying off debt.

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Find Help

Food Assistance, Housing, Transportation

For free and reduced-cost assistance with day-to-day needs like food, transportation, shelter and medical care, please visit our Find Help portal for services near you.

Find Essential Services in Your Area

BridgingApps: App List for Veterans

Support and resources for employment, caregiving, mental health and more can be downloaded right on your phone. Here is a list of apps we'd recommend for veterans and military families.

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