Research and Studies

Easterseals is committed to full equity, inclusion, and access for those we serve. We conduct studies among populations we serve to respond to the emerging and evolving needs of people with disabilities, families, and communities.

A young girl with a disability, sitting in a chair with a table and tablet in front of her, smiling at the camera

2023 State of Disability Equity and Access

The Easterseals State of Disability Equity and Access Report, in partnership with The Coelho Center and Voya Financial, examines the disparities and opportunities and highlights the most pressing issues and solutions to move forward to ensure disability equity in education, employment, healthcare, and transportation. Learn more.




The Disability Community Votes Enthusiastically

2022 State of Voters with Disabilities Survey

Easterseals partnered with AARP and Pathfinder Research to bring greater awareness to the millions of people with disabilities – including those over 50 years old – as a key voting bloc and important constituency across our country. The disability community is a powerful force that will not be silenced this election. Learn more.




Ignored Punished and Underserved

Ignored, Punished, and Underserved: Understanding and Addressing Disparities in Education Experiences and Outcomes for Black Children with Disabilities

We know how important it is to fully understand the barriers Black children with disabilities often face in order to properly address them. That's why we've partnered with Bellwether, an organization that shares our belief in 100% equity and access for all children, including those who are often underserved. This report shares insights from families, qualitative research, quantitative data, and interviews with scholars, advocates, and school leaders to better understand the educational experiences of children of color with disabilities, with a particular focus on Black students. Learn more.

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