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chris sitting in his AT adjusted desk and chair Assistive Technology (AT) was the solution to support Chris’ desire to work again and lead a more independent life. Chris’ journey is a testament to the power of technology in improving people’s lives and is a reminder that disabilities do not define a person’s capabilities. With the right accommodation and support, individuals can unlock their full potential and thrive in the workforce and other areas of life.
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Caterina smiles wearing her graduation cap Self-described “animal lover” Caterina Dubois, a 2023 Holyoke Community College graduate, said she needed much more than a passion for helping animals to achieve her education goals and earn her Veterinary Assistant Certificate. Read more about how the College Navigator Program set Caterina on a path to success.
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Allison smiles while sitting outside Overcoming many barriers, Allison Thompkins is a true example of what perseverance and determination look like. Living with cerebral palsy since birth, she has defied expectations, achieved academic success, and became a leading advocate for accessibility and inclusion. Read more about Allison’s journey.
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alexander freeman and the ESMA AT team hold a large device that he uses to control computers Alexander Freeman, an award-winning filmmaker and disability rights activist with cerebral palsy, navigates life with strong determination despite his physical limitations. Read more about how AT Specialists, Microsoft Engineers and Programmers, and Alex collaborated to produce a groundbreaking innovation.
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Sajjona sits and holds her painting up If you ask Sajjona’s family what she was meant to do, they reply, “She was born to thrive,” and she is doing just that. With their unwavering support and the guidance of Easterseals Massachusetts (ESMA) Rehabilitation Services therapists, she is living, learning, and playing to the fullest. Read more about Sajjona's journey.
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Jeremy uses hippotherapy as a tool. he is riding a horse backwards with three adults standing around him When Jeremy’s mother, Rose, learned about the Physical Therapy (PT) services available at The Bridge Center, she was excited about the possibilities available to him. She was particularly interested in his potential use of Hippotherapy, which uses equine movement during PT sessions. Read more about how Jeremy reached his goals with this tool.
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Nicole smiles proudly for a photo Diagnosed with Central Nervous System Lupus and other disabilities, Nicole started losing her vision a few years ago, significantly impacting her day-to-day life and making her goal of earning a college degree more and more challenging. Read more about how Nicole achieved her goals with the Assistive Technology (AT) program.
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Thomas, a college navigator student, smiles Thomas has autism spectrum disorder and ADHD, which made staying organized, paying attention, and making friends challenging at college. Now, the tools and organizational skills he has learned from the College Navigator Program help guide him as a student working toward his Early Childhood teaching certificate to become an educator and working two jobs.
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headshot of Dave outside in a wooded area Although Dave feels he still has room to improve his mental health, he is in a much better place than when he first got involved with the MassVeteran community. A key source of support is that Dave continues to look forward to future Easterseals events, which he calls “little glimmers of light at the end of the darkness,” for all Veterans. Read his story.
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Scott plays the organ in a church When Scott embarked on a working relationship with Connie, his ESMA Employment Coordinator, little did they know that right around the corner would lie one of the biggest opportunities toward his employment goal, playing music for the masses, literally.
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