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Adam Walden | College Navigator Program

Adam Walden, Berklee College of Music student In late 2017, Easterseals MA received a call from Easterseals California and Roseanne Walden, Adam's mother. Roseanne was in great need of an agency providing services specifically for students in higher education - a growing and critical unmet need. Click to read more about how our new innovative program, College Navigator, and how it program helped Adam, a gifted cello player with autism, succeed in the college setting. Adam was even featured in an HBO documentary as a child!
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Timothy V | Assistive Technology Loan Program

Image of fingers typing on HIMS braille note taker After Timothy's Braille Notetaker, which he uses daily at his job, stopped working properly he needed a solution quickly. When he heard about our Assistive Technology Loan program, he reached out to our staff and was able to borrow a new Braille Notetaker while he determined which product would be best for him long-term. Click to read Timothy's full review of the program.
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Regina Pontes | Assistive Technology

Regina Pontes, Preservance is Key Regina Pontes had a book she wanted to write but no way to write it. In 2011, following a series of debilitating illnesses, she experienced a stroke and lost function on her dominant left side. When a counselor at the Boston Center for Independent Living suggested she apply for Easterseals's Assistive Technology assistance, she was surprised. "I thought Easterseals served just children. I had no idea what they did for adults, and I had no idea all that they'd do for me." Click to read her full story.
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LEARN | DJ Younge

Image of DJ with two of his Easterseals staff members ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY | Darnell "DJ" Younge is an 8-year-old second grader who was born with congenital fibro-type disproportion, ventilator and g-tube dependent. DJ is non-verbal and has difficulty using his hands. His school reached out to Easterseals in 2018 and he began receiving AT and AAC services which have allowed him to flourish in school. Click to read his full story.
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Chris Richards | Assistive Technology at Home

Chris Richards smiling with his wide and two children After an injury left Chris Richards with chronic hip and back pain, he struggled to find employment. When he learned about Easterseals MA's Assistive Technology program through Mass Rehab Commission, he was eager to schedule an evaluation. Easterseals AT staff members visited his home and began helping Chris create a modified home office that fit his needs and ultimately allowed him to get a job working from home. Click to read his full story.
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Adriana Mallozzi | Assistive Technology

Adriana smiling Adriana Mallozzi has been receiving Easterseals’ services since she was a year old, initially in CT. Born with cerebral palsy, she is a quadriplegic wheelchair user. She began receiving services at Easterseals MA in 2005 and has been a prominent community member ever since. Now on the ESMA Board of Directors and CEO of Puffin Innovations, Adriana continues to be an entrepreneur, innovator, and most importantly, a disability advocate. Click to read her full story.
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Matthew Jameson | Youth Leadership Network

Matthew Jameson posing and smiling with his girlfriend Matthew Jameson has been involved with Easterseals MA since 2014 as a youth leader and advocate. Born with mild spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, Matthew is passionate about disability rights and has done great advocacy work since becoming involved with ESMA. He is currently a student at UMass Dartmouth where he continues to advocate for disability rights. Click to read his full story.
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C.K. | Military and Veteran Services

Photo of veterans services staff members C.K. served in the United States Marine Corps from 1998-2001, but after experiencing military sexual trauma, which resulted in PTSD, she was given an other than honorable discharge for smoking marijuana to ease her symptoms. Upon returning home from her service, C.K. faced many barriers to getting the help she needed, but after a friend referred her to the Easterseals Veterans Program, things finally started to look up. Click to read her full story.
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Julia Cobb | Assistive Technology at School

Julie Cobb Julia Cobb is a dynamic 16 year-old girl who is currently in her sophomore year at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough where she receives AAC services through Easterseals MA. As a young girl, Julia was considered "non-verbal," but she now uses alternative and augmentative communication to easily communicate with her parents, friends, and teachers. Click to read her full story.
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Sharon Hendrickson | Military and Veteran Services

Sharon smiling with her two young children Sharon Hendrickson served in the United States military for 8 years, but at the end of her service she was left with a debilitating back injury. After coming home, Sharon struggled to adjust to a "normal" life and was unclear about what benefits were available to her. After being referred to the Easterseals Veterans Program, she finally began to receive the guidance she needed. Click to read her full story.
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