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COVID Success Stories

Helping children and adults fully Live, Learn, Work, and Play!

Are you interested in making a profound difference in someone's life? Join our Rehabilitation Services team where you'll find flexible hours and strong clinical support for all circumstances, including COVID-19. PT, OT, and SLP jobs available now!

The need for disability services never stops! Read how our various clinicians managed to adapt and deliver essential rehabilitation services during the stages of the pandemic.

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Shannon McClintock | Physical Therapist

Shannon, a Rehabilitation Therapist, demonstrates for a client using a laptop Developmental milestones don't pause for anything, including COVID-19. In eight months of telehealth therapy, I have evaluated, treated, and discharged children without ever meeting them in person. It is certainly true that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we treat clients but it will not prevent us from helping them live, learn, work, and play.
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Gretchen Proulx | Occupational Therapist

Gretchen, an occupational therapist, sits at her webcam wearing a mask & goggles Working for Easterseals Massachusetts during COVID-19 has made me find even more value in what I do as an occupational therapist and has made me more aware of my clinical strengths. Despite the daily struggle that exists for all of us right now, I am proud to work for such a mission-oriented company and to have the opportunity to innovate new ways that occupational therapists can best support their clients’ needs to live, learn, work, and play both now and in the future.
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Tessa Edwards | Speech & Language Pathologist

Tessa, Speech & Language Pathologist, provides services virtually at her laptop while smiling As a speech therapist, I work with individuals with a wide range of disabilities, many of whom utilize Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to communicate. This presented an enormous challenge as a clinician in the new world of remote therapy. However, while direct therapy sessions can be more challenging through a computer screen, I found the increased connection and engagement with my clients’ families to be a surprising (and very much welcomed) positive outcome.
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