Scott plays the organ in a church

When Scott embarked on a working relationship with Connie, his ESMA Employment Coordinator, little did they know that right around the corner would lie one of the biggest opportunities toward his employment goal, playing music for the masses, literally.

Scott has a bachelor’s degree in music and organ performance, as well as multiple certificates in management and PC technology support. He worked part-time as an organist for a church in Worcester. During the early days of the pandemic, as churches closed all over the world, Scott occasionally played for his church via Zoom. Scott took to the internet and began performing pieces he composed himself. Fans describe his music as “hauntingly beautiful.”

As an Employment Coordinator, Connie’s professional work hat rarely comes off, and as she watched his performances online, she suggested he play at a local assisted living center. Within a few short months, Scott became a featured guest at Brookdale Senior Living and entertained them with pieces they knew and loved. While Scott continued to perform both online and in person at the assisted living center, word began to spread about his talent. This led to Scott sitting across from the Priest of the Armenian Church of Our Savior in Worcester for a lunch meeting, which turned into a job offer as their permanent organist. A role so uniquely perfect for Scott, he could have written the job description! And if finding his dream job wasn’t enough, he even had the privilege of performing in the presence of His Beatitude, The Archbishop, Patriarch of Jerusalem, last holiday season!

Having Autism Spectrum Disorder, Scott was referred to Easterseals by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Through regular support via telephone and email to write his resume and cover letters, and providing employment leads, Scott credits Easterseals with his renewed sense of confidence that allows him to perform his music.

Finding gainful and meaningful employment was difficult and he shares that his disabilities greatly limited the type and amount of work he was able to secure previously; however, Connie’s constant positive feedback and support helped Scott overcome this adversity.