Easter Seals Board Honors Sunny Coady with Lifetime Membership

Sunny as a child

For her 30 years of service as a dedicated Easter Seals board member and volunteer, Sunny Coady has been elected a lifetime member by her colleagues on the board of directors.

As a board member, Sunny has played a role in the growth and development of Easter Seals and our mission to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities,’ Easter Seals President Kirk Joslin said.  “She has touched every aspect of Easter Seals and made us a better and stronger organization.

Sunny has been a generous donor, one of the organization’s top fundraisers and a champion of the Easter Seals Assistive Technology program. She also has been an inspiring ambassador at all levels of Easter Seals through the years.

A board member off and on since 1988, Sunny has served as treasurer, secretary, vice chair and chair.  As board chair she was the first person with a disability ever to serve in that capacity in Massachusetts.

Sunny’s first contact with Easter Seals came in the late 1950s when, as a Campfire Girl, she led the Pledge of Allegiance at the National Easter Seals convention in Boston.

Long before she became a champion of assistive technology, she was using it herself.  In 7th grade, following surgeries, Sunny used a speaker phone hook-up to “attend” class at home. 

Sunny is the fifth person to be named a lifetime board member since the practice began 20 years ago.  The other two living lifetime members are Roy Brazelton and Carrie Larson.

Sunny with Dominic

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