Vocational Assessments

Easter Seals offers individualized and comprehensive vocational assessments conducted by a career and placement professional.

For more information about how Easterseals MA services and professional staff can meet your specific district and student transition needs please contact Nancy Mader, Director of Community Support Services at 617-226-2858 or nmader@eastersealsma.org

Benefits of a Vocational Assessment

  • Provides a roadmap for students and schools to use when planning for appropriate and realistic employment goals
  • Helps schools and adult service agencies better understand the vocational interests of students and provide more streamlined services
  • Determine vocational strengths and needs to better prepare students for employment after high school

Outcomes of a Vocational Assessment

  • Diagnostic interviews with student to assess transferable skills, interests, and potential barriers to employment
  • Realistic vocational recommendations are based on a series of assessment tools, including aptitude testing, skills assessments, interests inventories, situational assessments, and computer assessments
  • Objective behavioral observations are based on job readiness/work place behaviors
  • Employment and training recommendations take into account expressed and tested interests, transferable skills, needed skills, and potential accommodations; labor market analysis prioritizes feasible career options along with required training/schooling

Choosing Easterseals

  • Easter Seals staff is professional, qualified, and offers flexible scheduling to meet the needs of students and schools
  • Easter Seals assists clients by identifying career options that complement their strengths, interests, and skill-sets
  • Easter Seals assists schools in developing and implementing appropriate and measurable post-secondary goals for the students
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