Horse Selection 

Horses are intuitive by nature and respond best to kindness, consistency, and respect. Our horses are carefully chosen based on their natural interest in human interaction, and on their inquisitive, patient, and pleasant dispositions. Every animal has its own personality and preferences, which are taken into consideration when pairing each one up with a participant. The best equines suited for adaptive riding and horsemanship come from all disciplines and breeding, but are ideally aged 18 and under, 16.2 hands and under, and are sound at the walk, trot, and canter. If you think you might have an equine suitable for donation to our program, please email  

Animal Care 

A selectively trained, highly dedicated group of staff and volunteers cleans the paddocks and tends to the animals at least four times a day. Farrier Steve McAlister and The Humble Hoof's Alicia Harlov provide shoeing and barefoot trimming, respectively, every four to six weeks. Commonwealth Equine and Black Pond Veterinary Service offer the animals excellent preventive onsite dental and medical care throughout the year. Megan provides spinal manipulation and acupuncture every eight weeks to keep our herd feeling comfortable, balanced, and relaxed.

Animal Nutrition & Environment 

Program horses follow a forage-based, anti-inflammatory diet, including balanced supplementation of Vermont Blend and natural vitamin E, to encourage optimal hoof, coat, and gut health. High-quality first and second-cut hay is fed free choice in slow-feed bags to encourage gradual and frequent consumption, which reduces the chance of common equine ailments such as gastric ulcers. All horses have access to their outdoor paddocks around the clock with the brand-new addition of Dutch doors to the original barn. We are continuously expanding our incorporated track system, which encourages movement, circulation, and hoof concavity as well as topline development (not to mention, it's more fun!). This gives each animal the opportunity for freedom of movement, promotes proper circulation and respiratory health, and grants them the ability to socialize with other members of the barn at their leisure.

Support Our Herd


Bella, a dark brown horse, stands outside Bella (2003) is a steady and reliable 15.1-hand Quarter Horse cross mare from West Barnstable. Prior to her arrival, she enjoyed a career as a child's eventing partner. Bella is unflappable through all sorts of terrain. She is excellent at teaching her riders to trot and canter.

Bily J, a horse stands in front of a red barn Billy J (2012) is a sweet and sensitive 14.2-hand Norwegian Fjord gelding who enjoys building a connection with his human partners. Billy J enjoys lots of scratches and attention from his human friends. Billy J was generously donated by a committed community member.

Finn, a large brown horse, stands outside a barn on a sunny day

Finn (2002) is a dependable and trustworthy 16.3-hand Canadian Warmblood gelding. Finn is patient to stand for grooming; riding him has been lovingly compared to sitting astride a large fuzzy sofa. He has been adopted by Bridgewater VFW Post 2125 for Veteran programming.

Lionel, a white horse, stands outside

Lionel (2015) is a flashy and fun 14.3-hand Norwegian Fjord gelding. He grew up in West Virginia, where he tilled the soil on a farm. Lionel looks forward to putting on his driving harness so that he can pull a future adaptive carriage. He was generously donated by a dedicated parent in the community.

a large caramel colored horse grazes outside on a sunny day with woods in the background

Max (2000) is a willful and sturdy 14.3-hand Haflinger gelding who wears cool and comfy horse sneakers. Max knows how to use the mechanical lift to help participants who use wheelchairs and assistive devices ride safely. This resident “foodie” is always looking for a chance to grab a snack!

stevie the horse laying in front of the barn

Stevie the Wonder Pony (2018) is a loveable and smart 13.3-hand Norwegian Fjord gelding. Wonderful for grooming and leading, this boy also knows some neat tricks, like how to smile and lie down! Stevie was generously donated by a dedicated parent in the community.

Coco, a tan colored horse with a white mane, stands outside Whitney Coco (2011) is a spunky and cute 14.1-hand Haflinger mare from Connecticut. Like Lionel, she also knows how to drive. True to the singer after whom she was named, Whitney might belt out a tune to those who trot past in lessons. Whitney was generously donated by a dedicated parent in the community.

Spirit, a dark brown horse with a white stripe up its face. In Loving Memory of Spirit (~1993-2023) A founding member of the Equestrian Center herd, Spirit was the sweetest pony anyone had ever met. He is greatly missed, but the positive memories he helped form for many young equestrians are timeless.


Anna, a white sheep, stands outside in a fenced in field Anna is a 32” wether Finn Sheep with a sweet, sensitive personality.

a sheep grazes outside Finnigan (2021) is a 32” wether Finn Sheep with a sweet, sensitive personality. Finnigan helps beginners learn safe handling and leading skills while offering them many opportunities to snuggle.