Ethan Excels Thanks To Expertise and Support from Child Development Services in Montclair

The photo shows a man in a blue shirt holding his grandson in an orange shirt. Both are smiling at the camera.

After adopting their three-year-old grandson, Ethan, his grandparents knew that finding quality childcare was a top priority. Born prematurely, Ethan was experiencing mild delays in his development but finding local, affordable programs to provide the necessary support and expertise was difficult.

“Before enrolling at Easterseals, we were noticing that Ethan was a bit behind in his growth and his speech. We knew that we had to find services that could assist him along with finding childcare,” shared James M., Ethan’s grandfather.

Ethan’s family was not alone in their struggle to find quality and affordable childcare. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, sourcing reliable and affordable childcare was already a challenge for families. With an unprecedented number of people quitting their jobs in wake of the pandemic, labor shortages within the childcare sector have created even greater disparities for families seeking care.

When Ethan's family discovered Easterseals Child Development Services (CDS) and its center in Montclair, they knew that it was a perfect match for Ethan’s needs. Featuring state-of-the-art tools, individualized learning plans, and additional support services for families, CDS was able to provide the full scope of care they needed for their grandson.  From the moment that Ethan walked into the classroom, he was met with professional guidance from associates and quickly began to progress in the program.

Ethan’s development continues to progress with support from the Easterseals team. His grandparents have noticed a steady improvement in his ability to express his feelings along with overall advancements in his speech and learning. Not only does he receive the support of Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) associates to help him succeed, Ethan also gets to socialize and interact with other children his age.

“Easterseals has helped him a lot,” added James. “There are many things we love about this program but above all, we love seeing how much Ethan has been progressing and learning. It is night and day from when he first enrolled.”

For Ethan's family, tapping into Easterseals resources provided the support, expertise, and structure they needed for their grandson to thrive.

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