Easterseals has programs and services to support young adults with disabilities in their transition to adulthood. While there are several resources for the disabled community in general, there are multiple programs specifically available for young adults with disabilities.

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services offers support so individuals with developmental, physical, cognitive or multiple disabilities can live independently, gain social and daily living skills, and become active members of their communities. Individuals learn work-related skills by engaging in regularly scheduled volunteer work, community service projects and other ventures. They also receive support and direction to interact with others, make their needs and choices known and to explore and engage in activities.

Autism Services

Easterseals' focus is on therapies that are proven to be effective in increasing skills of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and similar disabilities.

Easterseals Camp

A week-long, fully accessible camp experience held at YMCA Camp Oakes in Big Bear, which is fully accredited through the American Camp Association and offers people with disabilities the same excitement and activities available at other camps.ployment Services.

Living Options

Easterseals provides a variety of Living Options to help people live in their own homes and not institutions as well as more independently in their local communities.

Peer-to-Peer Social Group

The peer to peer social group is designed to inform, promote, and facilitate peers to come together and explore social opportunities based on common interests.

WorkFirst Employment Services

WorkFirst is dedicated to providing one-on-one, customized services for people with disabilities interested in entering, or re-entering the workforce. We also provide transition resources to increase career planning, work pathways, job opportunities and employment outcomes.