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Children's Services

Child Development Centers

CDC IE teacher and students

Easterseals Child Development Centers (CDCs) serve children from birth to five years of age. The centers feature safe and caring environments, state-of-the-art tools and programs, individualized learning plans, highly qualified teachers and are inclusive of children with or without disabilities. We emphasize active parent-CDC partnerships.  Learn more about our services by downloading our 2019 Children's Development Services Annual Report.

Depending upon CDC location we offer:

Apply For A Space Today!

To apply for a space in our program for your child(ren), click on a link below underneath your county area and fill out the form. You will receive a call from an Easterseals family support worker within the next 14 days.

San Bernardino County:

English: https://www.childplus.net/apply/en-us/F171123B3817F1E1FD66FE800C8E8747/C9B420934B86A4F60CC612D09F7C97DA

Child Services QR code for English San Bernardino Application

español: https://www.childplus.net/apply/es/F171123B3817F1E1FD66FE800C8E8747/C9B420934B86A4F60CC612D09F7C97DA

Child Services QR code for Spanish San Bernardino Application

For questions call: 909.581.8162 San Bernardino County

Ventura and San Diego Counties:

English: https://www.childplus.net/apply/en-us/078F8296574A58D3E22AF7E3755C89A0/3777DC167F562DB64EAC7FE7A08630E

Child Services QR code for English Ventura and SD Application

español: https://www.childplus.net/apply/es/078F8296574A58D3E22AF7E3755C89A0/3777DC167F562DB64EAC7FE7A08630E5

Child Services QR code for Spanish Ventura and SD Application

For questions call:

760.743.1185 North San Diego County
805.647.1141 Ventura County

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Discover current opportunities to be an Early Childhood Educator!

Learn how Savannah was able to grow past developmental obstacles and meet her milestones with assistance from her local CDC.

PDF downloads with more information:

General Information Brochure 

CDC General Info Brochure

CDC 2019-2020 Annual Report

CDS Annual Report 2019-20

Make The First Five Count

Make the First Five Count

Make sure your child is meeting developmental milestones. Easterseals also offers free online access to the Ages & Stages Questionnaires as a part of our Make the First Five Count Campaign.

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