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Adult Services

Adult Day Services
Adult Day Services offer individuals the opportunity to become active members of the community. Individuals learn work-related skills by engaging in regularly scheduled volunteer work, community service projects and other ventures. If needed, support is provided to better manage behavioral challenges. Each person's independence, social status and quality of life are greatly enhanced.

Autism Services
Many of our Adult Services meet the needs of people with autism. Additionally Easterseals specifically has Autism Services (behavior, physical, speech, and occupational therapies) proven to be effective in increasing skills of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and similar disabilities.

Living Options
Easterseals provides a variety of Living Options to help people live in their own homes and not institutions.

WorkFirst is our employment service that helps people enhance their economic self-sufficiency, self-esteem and participation in the community.

Senior Day Service
Easterseals Senior Day Service offers supervised, quality care and activities to seniors. This service meets the needs of families caring for a parent or spouse by providing support and respite for caregivers during the work day.

Coordinated Life Services
Coordinated Life Services (CLS) provides intensive personal life planning and coordination for individuals who are at-risk of placement in, or transitioning from, a restrictive setting such as a developmental center. CLS works to provide a safety net allowing individuals to live in their community and enjoy increased quality of life.

Individualized Support Services
This service assist to become active members of their local communities. Each person receives individualized support based upon his/her choices and needs.

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