Easterseals is one of the largest nonprofit agencies in Southern California providing services for people with disabilities. We are proud of our record of putting your donations to work effectively.

2022 Impact Report 

The 2022 Impact Report shows how Easterseals Southern California used donor dollars and how our services lead the way to full equity, inclusion, and access through life-changing disability and community services. The document below demonstrates a breakdown of the efficient use of donor dollars with 88% of our income spent on programs and services. Donations are used locally to support services for people in our own communities. 

The 2022 Financial Breakdown:

  • Programs and services for adults and children accounted for 88.3% of our income totalling $313,581,086. 
  • Management and support accounted for 11.5% of our income totalling $40,830,762. 
  • Fundraising accounted for .2% of our income totalling $705,589. 
Total expenses = $355,117,436 

An infographic showing the breakdown of the efficient use of donor collars


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