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Easterseals Southern California is committed to ensuring our participants and their families feel supported and have the resources they need to succeed. Below, you’ll find a variety of community resources that are offered as an extension of our services.

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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are safe spaces for our community where people can voice their ideas, concerns, and our vision for services. We are passionate about starting groups that support advocates for neurodiversity, families of black participants, LGBTQ+ families, single caregivers, and families of LatinX and Hispanic participants. 

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Autism Diagnostic Services

Easterseals now offers evaluations to help determine if you or your family member may have a diagnosis of autism. This free assessment is prioritized for families without insurance and/or those who may be on a waitlist for an autism evaluation through a different agency.

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Coordinated Care Network (CCN)

Easterseals has partnered with Kaiser, Blue Shield, and Unite Us as part of a coordinated community care network (CCN) to connect families with a broad range of services beyond what is typically provided at ESSC. Services offered include legal, food assistance, transportation, utilities, income support, employment services, and more.

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Coordinated Life Services (CLS)

Coordinate Life Services (CLS) provides intensive personal life planning and coordination for individuals at risk of being placed in or transitioning from a restrictive setting such as a developmental center. This program provides participants with a safety net, improved access to needed support services, and help to remain living in the community.

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Developmental Screenings

This quick and free screening is a general measure of your child's development to see if they are reaching age-appropriate milestones. The screening provides an overview of their strengths and needs while identifying if your child requires further evaluation.

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Family Activities

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Take your Friends and Family to local Southern California Activities in Los Angeles and Orange County.You'll find free things to do, educational spots, and more! 

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Learn more about our autism services and our commitment to supporting our community through diversity, equity, inclusion, and access by checking out our RISE flyer.