Karen for Stories of HopeKaren's Story

Karen shared a small room in a nursing home with only a curtain for privacy. She didn’t have the freedom to go out, and mostly stayed inside. She was overweight, on oxygen 24 hours a day, and experiencing seizures. Read Karen's full story.



Trevor program participantTrevor's Story

Like many young adults, Trevor is just starting his career, and it's going great so far. He has a full-time job, with benefits, and he earns well over minimum wage as a fulfillment clerk. Read Trevor's full story.



Meet JohnnyJohnny's Story

When Johnny first began services with Easterseals Midwest two years ago, he needed constant supervision. He had frequent outbursts and didn’t respect personal boundaries. Read Johnny's full story.



Meet-ciaraCiara's Story

Lorri and Kurt were referred to Easterseals Midwest when Ciara was first diagnosed with autism. When Lorri and Kurt began In-Home Parent Training, Ciara was virtually nonverbal. Read Ciara's full story.



Susan's StorySusan's Story

Despite her disability, being made homeless as a teenager, and having doctors and family fight to take her child away from her, Susan has overcome all the odds and today is a strong advocate and champion for others with disabilties. Read Susan's full story.




Tony's Story

Tony's Story

From living in a nursing home to advocating for herself and choosing her own life path, Tony has grown so much during her time with Easterseals Midwest. Read Tony's full story.




Be'Loved's Story

Belov'ed's Story

Employment is an important part of anyone's life, and for BeLov'ed she wanted a job she knew she would love. Read Belov'ed's full story.




Amy's Story

Amy's Story

When Amy could no longer live at home, she needed to find somewhere where the staff could support her unique needs. Now with Easterseals, she's enjoying more indepence than ever before. Read Amy's full story.




Elnora's Story

Elnora's Story

Elnora's mother worried that Elnora could not properly communicate her needs or wants to those around her. Through on-site Parent Training, Elnora and her mother worked to changethat. Read Elnora's full story.





Mary's Story

Mary reached a great accomplishment in her volunteerism for the Joplin Public Library. Read Mary's full story.





ChrisChris' Story

Chris didn't know where to begin when navigating the search for employment and his autism diagnosis. But through the Easterseals Employment Program, he gained hands-on work experience and not only found a job he loves, but a new direction for the career he wants to explore. Read Chris' full story.




PatrickPatrick's Story

When Patrick first began looking for a job, he was nervous about his lack of social skills. Through our social skills building employment program, what Patrick thought was a weakness is now one of his biggest strengths. Read Patrick's full story.




Brian, Leonard, Patrick, Chris, and GavinBrian, Leonard, Patrick, Chris, and Gavin's Story

When the pandemic hit, a lot of things changed for a lot of people. But new challenges brought this group of young men closer than ever. Read their full story.



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