Amy's Story

Amy's StoryEasterseals Midwest has been supporting Amy through Community Living Services since November 2018. Amy is extremely bright and innovative young lady, diagnoses with autism, a physical disability, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Amy used to live with her parents and siblings, but the impact of her disabilities made circumstances at home too difficult. In 2017, she moved through another organization into a more restrictive environment with intensive behavioral support services.

After approximately one year, her family and support team felt that Amy had made a lot of progress and began to seek out a less restrictive, but still supportive and structured environment where Amy could continue on her path to independence. Amy’s team chose Easterseals Midwest’s Community Living Services.

Amy’s transition to Easterseals Midwest took many months and involve a high level of training, frequent visits, and communication between both organizations. Amy’s needs required specific training and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and her transition presented many challenges to Easterseals Midwest staff. They needed to learn an entirely new therapy model, new teaching methods, and determine how best to support Amy. And of course, all of this was difficult for Amy. She was agitated and sometimes aggressive, but her team never gave up and continued to try new ways to aid in her success.

Now, it’s been nearly four years since Amy came into our services and into our lives.

Amy has accomplished so much!” her staff said.

Amy went from needing consistent behavioral interventions, coaching sessions, medical interventions, and emergency response involvement to now being ready to explore employment opportunities, making positive friendships, advocating for others with disabilities like hers, and always seeking to help others.

We are so proud of what Amy has accomplished and what her future holds!” her staff said.

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