Caregiver Training and Education

Onsite Caregiver Training - Two Week Program or Hybrid

Offered in St. Louis, Southeast, and Central regions.

Onsite Caregiver Training is not just about teaching your child new skills, but about teaching your entire family how to best understand your child and how to support their needs. Our two-week and hybrid onsite programs integrate group instruction, individual sessions, and guided observation. This program is designed to help caregivers become acquainted with our training methods, learn how to plan activities for their child, resolve problem behaviors, and how to choose and use appropriate techniques to address various situations. Under the coaching and direction of our Autism Training Specialist, caregivers attend daily workshops and conduct therapy sessions with their child. When not in session, children participate in fun, creative activities to further their skills and help them reach their goals.

Autism Training Specialists use Applied Behavior Analysis techniques to help caregivers learn to:

  • Support your child to communicate, cope, and develop essential skills
  • Tailor daily therapeutic activities so your child can reach their goals
  • Interact and connect in a real way with your child every day
  • Manage stress

What Can I Expect?

Expect to set and reach goals you never dreamed possible! Our two-week, personalized course is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. Daily, you will participate in a variety of activities, including:

  • Attending workshops on topics such as Understanding Autism, Defining Target Behavior, Positive Interactions, Reinforcement, and so much more
  • Participating in therapeutic, hands-on sessions with your child
  • Taking "before and after" measurements of your child's improvement
  • Working with an Autism Training Specialist to evaluate and improve your interactions with your child
  • Watching your child grow and change in significant and exciting ways

In-Home Caregiver Training

Offered in St. Louis, Kansas City, Southeast, and Central regions.

Our In-Home Caregiver Training provides support and issue-specific behavior training for people of all ages with autism and their families. Parent Education and Training is not just about teaching skills to individuals with autism, but about educating caregivers on how to best understand their loved on and the strategies that can help them through their day.

Foundations of Autism: An Introductory Workshop

Offered in St. Louis, Kansas City, Southeast, Southwest, and Central regions.

This workshop is available to immediate family, extended family, and friends who serve as natural supports to individuals with autism. The workshop includes a basic knowledge of autism, as well as additional workshops regarding strategies to help support an individual with autism.

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