Community Living Services

The Easterseals Midwest Community Living Services team
supports more than 550 individuals annually.

“What will happen to my loved one when I can no longer be there to care for them?” This is likely one of the toughest questions a parent will answer. We offer services to ensure that family members and loved ones with disabilities will be cared for indefinitely.

We are committed to helping people with disabilities build skills to live as independently as possible in a home of their own. We offer everything from just a few hours of support a month to 24/7 care. Our team helps families and individuals assess the level of support that best benefits each person.


Our team works with each family to determine the best option for services, whether that means working in the family home or helping an individual establish their own home. Community Living Services may be lifelong and include various skill-building opportunities in areas such as safety, personal budgeting, housekeeping, personal care, and nutrition. Small staff-to-program-participant ratios are important to us and tend to be 1:1 to 1:3.

Individualized Living

Whether an individual needs 24-hour support or just a few hours monthly, we create an individualized plan to equip them to live, work, and participate in their community. Our program emphasizes communication skills, decreasing challenging behaviors, increasing independence, teaching day-to-day skills, and fostering community involvement.

  • Shared Living: Individuals live with a specifically chosen companion who provides opportunities for them to build skills and gain increasing independence.

  • Independent Supported Living Arrangement: This program supports individuals with disabilities who are living on their own and generally need 10 hours or less of support in order to maintain their independence.

Community Living Services are largely individualized but generally emphasize:
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Decreasing challenging behaviors
  • Increasing independence
  • Assistance in developing a daily routine
  • Fostering community involvement

For more than two decades, Easterseals has led regional advocacy efforts to help people achieve more independent lives outside of state-operated institutions. This undertaking has led to dozens of people with disabilities living in their own homes, becoming neighbors and taxpayers, and participating members of their respective communities. If you have questions, please visit our Community Living FAQs page.

What regions offer Community Living Services?

These programs are available in the following regions:

Eastern Missouri
Northwest Missouri
Southwest Missouri

Please note that not all programs are available at each location. Please contact the closest Easterseals' office to you for a complete list of services offered in your region. For a full list of our offices, please visit our Locations page.

To learn more about our programs at Easterseals Midwest,
please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or

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