At Easterseals, we know how important of a job being a caregiver to someone with a disability is. That's why we offer programs and supports specific to caregivers, to set you up for succes, expand your knowledge and ability, and ensure you're taken care of, as well. 

Caregiver Training

Caregiver Training is not just about teaching your child or loved one new skills, but about teaching your entire family how to best understand the person in your care and how to support their needs.Offered in-home and on-site, this intensive program

Community Education

We are committed to educating our community about disabilities. Our staff members educate first responders, law enforcement officers, school officials, businesses, corporations, and community members to raise awareness about disabilities and help people understand how to create a more inclusive community

Respite and Support

Our respite and support services are designed to give caregivers some much-needed rest and relaxation while offering the child or adult they support enriching, fun activities to take part in.

To learn more about programs available at Easterseals Midwest,
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