Community Services

For individuals 18 and older, we offer daytime skill and development services and supports Monday through Friday. We focus on developing independence, social skills, and self-advocacy with the purpose of moving program participants towards community employment or volunteerism.

The Discovery Process

Our goal is for each person to begin job exploration within two years of starting the program. Our staff works with each person to find a job that fits their skills, abilities, and interests.

To this end, we provide training in the following areas:

  • Communication skills
  • Positive behavior
  • Daily living skills
  • Following directions
  • Focusing and completing tasks
  • Small motor skill development
  • Self-advocacy
  • Assistive technology
  • Computer Skills
  • Appropriate interactions
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Community and work safety
  • Mobility
  • Focus and completion of tasks
  • Community exploration and integration

For the individuals we support, we strive to ensure that:

  • Each person's abilities are maximized to contribute to their communities
  • Communities grow to understand and accept people with disabilities
  • Participants are taught workplace skills
  • Participants not seeking a job are contributing to their communities through volunteerism

What regions offer Community Connections?

This program is available in the following regions:

Eastern Missouri
Northwest Missouri

Community Networking and Individualized Skill Development

For individuals of all ages, we offer both group and individualized services. These services are focused on supporting individuals with integrating into their community, networking with their peers and community members, and developing daily living and social skills to increase their independence and become active community members.

Community Networking (Group)

This community-based service allows individuals to participate in group activities within their community to help build independence with their peers and community members. Individuals will participate in various events to help find interests and hobbies that they enjoy and expand their social network. Participants will work to achieve individualized social and emotional goals that will help them increase their independence while navigating their community and interacting with their peers and community members.

Events include but are not limited to attending performances, participating in arts and crafts events, going to or participating in sporting events, attending local holiday celebrations, and more.

Community Networking (Individual)

This community-based service focuses on developing skills to become an independent participating member of an individual's community. Services are individualized and tailored to each participant's  support needs and goals.

Individuals receiving this service will go through a phased service plan to help them:

  • navigate community recreation and leisure or volunteer opportunities.
  • develop skills necessary to independently participate in desired recreation, leisure, or volunteer activities.
  • establish a routine for participating in selected activities.
  • develop natural supports through participation.
  • ultimately independently participate in and attend activities without requiring supports.

Individualized Skill Development

This service focuses on skill development that helps indviduals maximize independence in their home and community. Individualized Skill Development participants will develop specified goals, honing the life skills necessary to reach these goals with the least amount of support required.

Skills individuals may work on include cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and grocery shopping. As goals are met, new goals are created to achieve the highest level of independent living as possible.

What regions offer Community Networking and Individualized Skill Development?

This program is available in the following regions:

Northwest Missouri

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