We provide hands-on, comprehensive, vital therapies and services to bolster the health and wellness of those we serve so that they can reach their full potential.


Assessments & Therapies

We provide a variety of therapies and assessments, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), occupational therapy, and music therapy. Early intervention therapists work with families to assist each child’s developmental needs and offer education and support for parents.Enhancing Health

Assessments and therapies offered are:
• Occupational Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
• Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA)
• ABA Consultation
• ABA Therapy

Caregiver Training & Education

Caregiver Training is not just about teaching people with disabilities new skills, but about teaching entire families how to best understand their loved one and how to support their needs. Through group instruction, individual sessions, and guided observation, parents or guardians will learn how to best nurture their loved one and their individual needs to live their happiest, healthiest life.

Enhancing HealthCommunity Living

Community Living Services provide in-home support so people with disabilities can live healthy, independent lives. Utilizing telehealth, primary care services, and the Community Registered Nursing program, we provide medical assessments, check vital signs, monitor health concerns, and identify changes in health statuses to ensure the people we support remain healthy in their homes.

Family Navigation & Support Groups

Caregivers of individuals with disabilities can feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed at times. Our Family Navigation Program ensures that families will not have to navigate a complicated system
alone. We can help support and guide families every step of the way – from birth to adulthood – by helping to navigate services, supporting with transitions at each milestone throughout life, and
explaining and connecting families to resources, services, and funding. Our Family Navigators are here to support families and answer any questions they might have throughout their journey.

Respite & SupportEnhancing Health

Caregiving can be a tiring job, and everyone needs a break once in a while. Respite services offer an opportunity to take a breath and a break, while their loved one - no matter their age - participates in a wide variety of activities. During these activities, participants improve social skills while developing friendships with other participants. These groups are offered in the clinic or community setting, and include activities like bowling, attending events, dining out, and more. Respite services are also offered in-home in some locations

Technology Enabled Support (TES)

Technology Enabled Support (TES) allows people with disabilities to live with the highest possible amount of independence. Utilizing various technologies throughout a person's homes, Easterseals is able to decrease the number of hours staff need to be present in a person's home. Through two-way communication, door and bed sensors, medication monitoring, and emergency response technologies, TES increases independence while ensuring each individual's home remains a safe environment.

To learn more about or enroll in any of these programs,
please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or info@esmw.org.