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Assessments and Therapy Programs

Easterseals Midwest provides a variety of therapies and assessments, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), occupational, and music. Early intervention therapists work with families to assist each child’s development and offer education and support for parents.

Please note that not all therapies are available in each region.

Autism Diagnostic Assessment

Offered in St. Louis region.

Our comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is completed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and involves an in-depth developmental questionnaire and family interview, autism spectrum checklist, observations of the individual, and ADOS-2 testing. The ADOS assessment uses planned social situations to trigger target responses and interpersonal interactions. The ADOS-2 is divided into five unique modules based on age and communication levels from 12 months through adulthood. Information is gathered from the individual, their family, and other supporting individuals so that an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive report with individualized recommendations based on testing results and needs can be provided.

Occupational Therapy

Offered in Kansas City region.

Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor skills, such as grasp, hand use, and coordination. Other areas include oral awareness and self-feeding, self-care, positioning, range of motion, sensory integration/processing (how the body interprets sensory information), and visual motor skills.

Music Therapy

Offered in Southeast and Southwest regions.

Our Board Certified Music Therapists provide therapy by using music to address non-musical objectives such as communication, social, cognitive, and gross and fine motor skills.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Offered in St. Louis, Kansas City, Southeast, Southwest, and Central regions.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Our staff will meet and observe individuals in their daily activities and meet with their family or caregiver. They will look at the function, or purpose, of the individual's challenging behavior. Together, they will develop effective intervention strategies that will equip the individual's family or caregiver to encourage positive behavior alternatives.

ABA Consultation

Our Behavior Analysts can provide consultation for professionals or parents/caregivers to address non-preferred behaviors, such as property destruction, self-injuring behaviors, and aggression.

ABA Therapy

ABA utilizes a methodology that addresses behavior of social significance, such as increasing communication, improving self-help skills, establishing and following routines, increasing pragmatic/social skills, increasing play and leisure skills, teaching emotion regulation and coping strategies, and much more. ABA identifies individual motivations and capitalizes on those interests to produce measurable changes in behavior. Caregivers can be coached on how to implement ABA strategies into their everyday lives to help teach, maintain, and promote skill generalization.

Ongoing ABA can occur in our clinic or in the home. In-home ABA is offered in the Kansas City (Jackson County only), St. Louis, and Central regions)

ABA Clinic locations include St. Louis, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, Poplar Bluff, Columbia, and Springfield. To learn more about ABA Clinics, click here.

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