Our programs are designed to help children and young adults learn — and often re-learn — basic functions and master the skills needed to develop, thrive, and be sharp and active as they age. From prepping for preschool to graduation, we’re there every step of the way.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Programs

Our ABA Clinic is designed to teach individuals with autism how to interact with their peers and learn in a group setting. Our team builds an individualized plan for each child, outlining goals and addressing challenging behavior. This program blends learning in small groups with
one-on-one training with an ABA implementer. Parents also receive support and training so that they can learn how to best understand their child and the nature of their disability.

This program offers:
• Initial skills assessment and development of individualized goals
• 1:1 private instruction with a trained ABA Implementer
• Program supervision from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
• Play opportunities to apply learned skills
• Group activities, such as circle time, music time, play, and snack
• 1:1 monthly parent training sessions to help children apply their skills at home

Home Visiting

Home Visiting Services offer a range of resources for families, including certified parent educators who visit homes to provide additional support. Home Visiting Services also include developmental screenings for children, service recommendations, and free support for families
with young children with and without disabilities — from birth to 36 months old. Families also have the opportunity to meet other families and children through playgroups and events.

This program offers:
• Regular in-home or virtual visits to help you learn about your child’s development
• Ideas for activities to stimulate your child’s learning
• Books and diapers/wipes monthly
• Developmentally-appropriate toys and other items quarterly
• Information to help you cope with the stress of being a parent and how to respond to your
child’s developmental needs in a nurturing way
• Developmental screenings for your child
• Opportunities to meet and interact with other families through play groups and events in your area

Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS)

PEERS is a social skills group designed to help young adults with autism learn the importance of and how to develop and maintain healthy,
meaningful friendships. PEERS is available for young adults and teens. Children’s Friendship Training is also available for elementary-aged children.

Participants in PEERS will learn:
• How to use appropriate conversation skills
• How to appropriately use humor
• How to respond to rejection, bullying, or teasing
• How to handle rumors and gossip
• How to handle arguments and disagreements
• How to be a good sport
• How to choose appropriate friends

Social Skills Groups

These activity-based groups are offered in a supportive environment to improve people of all age’s social skills, while developing and fostering friendships among participants. These groups take place both in our clinics and out in the community.

To learn more about or enroll in any of these programs,
please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or info@esmw.org.