Through a variety of resources, Easterseals helps people with disabilities get access to quality health care, education and employment.

Our resources include everything from where to find in-home assistance and addressing aging challenges to building a relationship with your doctor. It’s important to know your options when looking for services in order to live fully and independently with a disability. Check out our resources listed below.

Learn how Easterseals is working to build a more accessible world. Find out about what accessibility really means.

Safety Tips for People with Disabilities
Create evacuation plans and learn about the best ways to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Talking With Your Doctor
How well do you and your doctor communicate? It’s an important question because a positive relationship with your doctor is essential in getting good healthcare. Prepare for the next doctor visit.

Love, Dating, Relationships and Disability
Explore personal perspectives around dating and relationships from people with disabilities.

Disability Pride
What does disability pride mean and how does it relate to self-advocacy?