Easterseals Child Development Centers provide inclusive, high-quality services in a unique and developmentally appropriate environment for children under 5 years old. Our program's mission is to provide early childhood education and early detection using observations and assessment tools in an inclusive setting. Our goal is to provide a stimulating educational experience.

Credentialed teachers use the proven Creative Curriculum® to engage preschoolers and their families in learning. We aim for all children to be kindergarten-ready!


  • Promote each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth
  • Help each child reach his or her full potential
  • Ensure a successful transition to kindergarten

Why Are We Inclusive?

We welcome typically developing children and children with disabilities to learn together in a positive, supportive environment. Typically developing children can understand the challenges faced by their friends who have disabilities. Children with disabilities benefit from role modeling of their peers.

Easterseals is committed to equity. The Child Development Centers are open to children from every walk of life. We work exceptionally hard to serve families of all income levels with voucher and scholarship opportunities.


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Seal of approval by NAEYC

Falls Church, VA 
The Jo Ann & Carl McNair Community Child Development Center
300 Hunton Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046
fallschurchcdc@eseal.org(703) 534-5353

New Carrollton, MD
The Easterseals Child Development Center
newcarrolltoncdc@gmail.com | (301) 381-4499

Silver Spring, MD
The Safeway, Inc. Child Development Center
1420 Spring Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910
cdc@eseal.org(301) 588-8708

Washington, DC 
The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Child Development Center
2800 13th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009
dc@eseal.org(202) 387-4434


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