Child Development: Mali and Beck

Mali’s son Beck showed early developmental delays and was soon diagnosed with autism. Finding available high-quality care was proving a challenge, until a friend recommended Easterseals. Within in the first few months of enrolling, Beck began speaking and continues to make progress every day.

Adult Day Services: Gail, William, and Linda

Gail needed to find a safe and caring adult daycare center for her aunt and uncle after a traumatic assisted living experience. She enrolled the brother-sister pair at Easterseals Adult Day Services in 2020 and has since watched their mood and energy soar.

Early Intervention: Marsi and Langston

Langston was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a hole in his heart before he was born. At an Easterseals Child Development Center, his mom Marsi found the physical therapy Langston needed, as well as the support she craved to be able to incorporate early intervention therapies into her son’s daily routine.

Respite Care: The Jors

The Jors are a busy military family with five young children, one of whom has Down Syndrome. The family receives 40 hours each month of Navy Exceptional Family Member (EFM) respite care through Easterseals, giving the entire family a better quality of life together.


Child Development: Mikey

Mikey    For most families, the birth of a child is a joyous occasion. For his family, Mikey’s birth was a day of emotional struggle and fear of the unknown. Though he overcame tremendous odds, Mikey still needed constant therapy and his father was quickly burning out as he tried to do it all for the family. Enrolling Mikey in an Easterseals Child Development Center provided the physical care and emotional support that they both needed. Read More.

Respite Care: Naomi

Naomi   Between juggling doctor’s appointments and the needs of her husband and children, Naomi was at her breaking point. The wife of an injured Navy officer, she found in Easterseals a network to help her family – and herself – grow and thrive. Read More.

Little Warriors and Veteran Staffing Network: Barron

Barron   Barron served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 17 years and is a decorated war veteran who served four tours in Iraq. While in recovery and after several transitions on military bases around the world, he was looking for a safe, warm, and stable environment to nurture his young daughter. At Easterseals, she was welcomed into the Little Warriors program while her dad took advantage of the Veteran Staffing Network, easing the entire family’s transition to civilian life. Read More.