Honorary Board of Directors & Ambassadors

Bella Allarie Headshot Bella Alarie Child & Mental Health Advocate, Former WNBA Player elizabeth The Honorable Elizabeth Dole Former US Senator; Founder, Caring for Military Families: The Elizabeth Dole Foundation
Ellyn Dunford Headshot Ellyn Dunford Disability & Military Family Advocate; Spouse, Gen. Joseph Dunford, 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff rob Robert Irvine Chef and Entrepreneur
Bobbie Kilberg Headshot Bobbie Kilberg President & CEO Emeritus, Northern Virginia Technology Council charles Charles Mann Philanthropist; Motivational Speaker; Three-Time Super Bowl Champion
deb Deborah Mullen | Military Family Advocate; Spouse, Adm. Michael Mullen (Ret.), 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Craig Craig Newmark | Founder, Craigslist
gary Gary Sinise | Actor, Humanitarian, Founder of Gary Sinise Foundation Jake Tapper Headshot Jake Tapper CNN Anchor & Chief Washington Correspondent
judy Judy Woodruff | Senior Correspondent, Former Anchor, and Managing Editor, PBS NewsHour    

Ambassador Committee*

Gina Allvin | Spouse of Gen David W. Allvin, USAF   Sally Lengyel Spouse of Gen Joseph L. Lengyel, USAF (Ret.)
Donna Berger Spouse of Gen David H. Berger, USMC (Ret.)    Lynda Lee Lunday Spouse of VADM Kevin Lunday, USCG
Sharene Brown Spouse of Gen Charles Q. Brown, Jr., USAF   Mary Mahoney | Spouse of Gen Christopher Mahoney, USMC
Holly Dailey Spouse of SMA Daniel Dailey, USA (Ret.)   John McCarthy Spouse of LTG Jody Daniels, USA
Ellyn Dunford | Spouse of Gen Joseph Dunford, USMC (Ret.)   Maria McConville Spouse of GEN James McConville, USA (Ret.)
Patty George | Spouse of GEN Randy George, Chief of Staff, USA   Hollyanne Milley Spouse of GEN Mark A. Milley, USA (Ret.)
Linda Gilday Spouse of ADM Michael Gilday, USN (Ret.)   Amy Mingus | Spouse of GEN James J. Mingus, USA
Dawn Goldfein Spouse of Gen David Goldfein, USAF (Ret.)   Deborah Mullen | Spouse of ADM Michael Mullen, USN (Ret.)
Christine Grady Spouse of ADM Christopher W. Grady, USN   Jennifer Saltzman | Spouse of Gen B. Chance Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations, USSF
Alexandra Grinston Spouse of SMA Michael A. Grinston, USA (Ret.)   Nancy Wilson Spouse of Gen Stephen W. Wilson, USAF (Ret.)
Kelly Hokanson Spouse of GEN Daniel R. Hokanson, USA   Mary Winnefeld | Spouse of ADM James Winnefeld, Jr., USN (Ret)

*Does not constitute endorsement from any government agency or department.