Staff Service Spotlights

In this series, "Service Spotlights," we share stories of Easterseals Southern California (ESSC) staff who have made a positive difference in the lives of individuals we serve, their colleagues and the organization as a whole. 

Service Spotlight, Patrick Spinks, Adult Day Services

Meet Patrick Spinks, an Electronic Health Records Analyst with Easterseals Adult Day Services. Patrick started out working at Easterseals Southern California as a Life Skills Coach and saw opportunities to grow within the organization. In his current role, he implements and trains employees on the electronic health records system so they can track what takes place across Adult Day Services in order to support participants in reaching their goals. Watch the video below to learn more about Patrick and what it's like to work at Easterseals

Service Spotlight: Maria Mandujano, Autism Therapy Services

Meet Maria Mandujano, a Customer Success Specialist with the Autism Services team. The Autism Services intake department is the first point of contact for families after their child is diagnosed with autism. As someone who experienced the challenges of navigating services for her own child, Maria makes it her mission to help other families. To get in touch with Easterseals Southern California's Customer Success Department,, email or call 1-855-ESSC-411 (1-855-377-2411).

Service Spotlight: Tess Speranza, Employment Services

Meet Tess Speranza, a Project Manager for Employment Services at Easterseals Southern California. Through Customized Employment, Tess supports people with disabilities to create job opportunities that are the right fit for them and their interests, as well as beneficial for the employer. Withing her own career at Easterseals, Tess has had the opportunity to grow and take on new responsibilities. 

Service Spotlight: Ofelia Trigo, People Services

Ofelia Trigo is a Business Partner for the People Services Department, where she supports Easterseals’ Adult Day Services team by answering associate questions and addressing their concerns on work related issues. She enjoys making sure our associates feel heard, valued and supported so they can feel fulfilled in their work. 

Service Spotlight: Randi Esteves, Autism Services  

Randi Esteves is the Acting Regional Clinical Director for Easterseals SoCal's Autism Therapy Services in San Diego. Randi joined Easterseals in 2012 as a Behavior Interventionist. The profound impact her work had on children and their families motivated Randi to expand her ABA knowledge and take on more roles and responsibilities within the clinical team at Easterseals. She now enjoys supporting other associates in their professional development.


 Service Spotlight: Magdalena Laveaga, Adult Day Services

Magdalena Laveaga is a Life Skills Coach with Easterseals Adult Day Services. As a Life Skills Coach, what Magdalena loves most about her job is when a participant completes a task that she helped them learn. She often uses her 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry to teach participants cooking skills that they can use at home. 

Service Spotlight: Jorge Romero, Living Options

Jorge Romero is a Residential Administrator for Easterseals SoCal's Living Options program. Jorge joined Easterseals in 2015 as a Direct Support Professional providing one-on-one support to participants with disabilities and has worked his way up to being an administrator. He enjoys helping people with disabilities live a more independent life while enjoying their home, community, and social activities.

To learn more about careers and job opportunities at Easterseals Southern California, visit our careers page. 
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