COVID-19 Strategy Update (4/1/2021)

A Message from our CEO, Wendy Sullivan

Dear Friends,

I hope that your Spring is off to a great start!

At Easterseals, Spring is always a busy time of year, and we are taking a bit of time to celebrate Autism Awareness Month and some promising new federal legislation. As we begin to enter this new so-called normal, we are also taking some time to consider what we learned throughout 2020. And how we can use that information to plan for the future, how we can be as efficient and effective as possible while meeting the growing needs of people with disabilities.

As more people get vaccinated and the possibilities of gathering in-person increases, we are using this time to examine what worked well and not so well throughout the pandemic. We are reviewing the success of our remote technologies, including telehealth services; we are reimagining our physical space requirements, all while taking pandemic fatigue seriously for those we support and those who support them.

We are also using this time to roll out our new strategic plan and to launch new programming, supports, and technologies.

Our commitment to meeting the needs of people with disabilities continues – and our success in meeting those needs is thanks to you, our donors, who stand alongside Easterseals every day. We are honored to have you as our partners as we work to make the world a better, more inclusive place for each of us to live, work and play. Thank you.

Autism Awareness Month

Over this year's Autism Awareness Month, we are working on going beyond awareness and helping families impacted by autism chart a course for a successful future. We continue to connect families – no matter where they are in their journey – with services, resources, and hope so that their loved one has every opportunity life has possible.

Our award-winning Parent Training program supports parents in better understanding their loved ones' diagnoses and teaching them proven techniques to use at home and beyond. Our sibling and parent support groups provide a safe place for families to reflect on their experiences. While our employment support services are available to empower individuals with autism as they enter the workforce and build meaningful careers.

You can learn more about how we are working to change the world for people with autism, about our autism programming, and access professionals to help if you or someone you know need access to our services by visiting

Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act

The Universal Giving Pandemic Response and Recovery Act. was introduced in both chambers of Congress last week. If signed into law, the Act would allow people to deduct up to $8,000 from their adjusted gross income, even if they don't itemize their taxes.

The bill's introduction came as a bipartisan effort among a group of senators and house representatives. These members of congresses are hoping to increase the tax benefit to donors towards inspiring additional philanthropic giving among American's.

With so many charities struggling, incentivizing charitable giving could be of significant benefit to nonprofits like Easterseals. Because of our donors, we have been able to prevent furloughs and closures of programs over the past year. We think this legislation is a thoughtful and important way to thank you, those who have helped us during these challenging times.

I hope you will take a moment to tell your member of Congress that you support the Universal Giving Pandemic Response Act by visiting:

As always, your support is beyond appreciated today and every day.


Wendy Sullivan,
Chief Executive Officer

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