COVID-19 Strategy Update (11/13/20)

A message from CEO, Wendy Sullivan

As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant increase of cases throughout the nation, particularly in the Midwest, I want to thank each of you for working so hard to keep everyone we support and our team safe and healthy.

I ask that you continue to social distance and wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a mask while at work. The policy goes for all staff at all of our work locations. Continue to wash your hands regularly, stay home when ill, and complete our travel questionnaire 24 hours before resuming your work responsibilities when returning from travel. 

Although local and state ordinances vary by geographic location, our policies do not. The systems we have in place have helped limit possible exposure, and you must continue to follow them to keep yourself, your peers, and those we support healthy. There are reports that some employees are becoming lax or even disregarding our policies. That puts others at risk. These policies are not optional but necessary, and those who choose not to follow our guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.    

The only way we will continue to keep our number of cases low is through our commitment to these policies. Our COVID-19 task force remains in close contact with both state and local governments as they continue to refine COVID-19 related recommendations and orders. We will continue to monitor these updates and changes, keeping you informed.  

As always, you can keep updated on COVID-19 related topics on our dedicated webpage that includes staff FAQs and past communications at, and if you have a question not currently included, please send it to   

Finally, I want to congratulate our autism program staff on our first-ever virtual autism conference's success. The conference, hosted last week, brought together more than 600 participants, including individuals, families, caregivers, educators, and professionals who gained additional education and a deeper understanding of autism. The conference was so well received by all involved. Thank you for continuing our outreach and education resources. 

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for all that you do each day for those we support. Please remember to take care of yourself, and if there is anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wendy Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

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