COVID-19 St. Joseph (3/22/2020)

State Update and Information


Mayor Bill McMurray of St. Joseph has announced that starting Tuesday, March 24, 2020, he is asking that citizens of St. Joseph shelter in place.

St. Joseph residents will still work and will still be able to complete essential activities for their health and safety, such as going to the bank, grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, and necessary doctor's appointments. However, when not working or doing these essential activities, the request is that you stay home.

Although we don't believe that you will need them, we have attached two letters.* The first from Easterseals designating you as an essential healthcare provider and a second from the Missouri Department of Mental Health, highlighting as such, you are empowered to travel to and from work. We recommend taking a photo of each on your phone so that you have them with you.

As always, thank you for all that you do. As essential health care and community service providers, you are making all the difference in the lives of the people you support.

Laurel Taylor
Chief Human Resources Officer

*If you did not receive this email with the attached documentation, but believe you should have, please contact Laurel at

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