Coronavirus Strategy Update (10/21/2020)

A Message from our CEO, Wendy Sullivan


COVID-19 infection rates continue to grow across the nations, most notably in the Midwest, including Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. Our responsibility as essential providers remains the same. Stay the course and remain vigilant for those we support, ourselves, our families, and our peers.

We must maintain our efforts, continue to social distance when possible, wear a mask, report travel, and continue to clean and sanitize as outlined in our policies and procedures.

It remains critical that we continue to work together during this pandemic and that we abide by our strategy to keep ourselves and those who turn to us for support healthy and safe.

Thank you for continuing to keep others' health and safety at the forefront of your thoughts and efforts. Those we support and your fellow team members are grateful. As you know, we have put into place the policies and procedures needed for people's safety. With fall arriving and the holidays fast approaching, many time-off requests are under review, so please take a moment to remind yourself and others of our travel policies.

When returning from travel, it is your responsibility to complete our
travel questionnaire 24 hours before resuming your work responsibilities. If a questionnaire has not been completed in advance of your shift starting, you will be required to return to your vehicle, contact your supervisor, and complete the questionnaire. If you answer any questions that indicate that you are at an elevated risk of exposure, you may be required to quarantine for approximately 14 days to maintain your employment status with Easterseals.

As a reminder, when traveling, staff should follow the guidelines of the local community they are visiting, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. If you travel to a higher risk location as identified by the
Center for Disease Control or find yourself in a situation where you could not practice the safety precautions noted above, you need to consult with your supervisor and before returning to work. If it is deemed necessary for the safety of those we support, an employee may be required to quarantine, as noted above.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership during this unprecedented time. I could not be more proud of how this team continues to respond. Your dedication to those we support is beyond impressive, and I am proud to call you my partners in our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you again.


Wendy Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer

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