Connect & Protect (8/11/21)

Dear Team, 

I hope this update finds you safe, happy, and healthy. COVID-19 is still affecting our community, and we continue to see increases in positive cases in the Midwest, Great Plains, and South. As an organization, we have re-implemented many necessary protocols to ensure we are doing all we can to make your day as safe as possible.

The next important part of keeping everyone safe is where you come in — and it happens the moment you decide to get vaccinated for COVID-19. That's because the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't just protect you. It protects your friends, family, and anyone you have contact with.

Personally, every day I am grateful to be fully vaccinated. There is power and comfort in knowing that I'm doing everything I can to protect myself, my family, my colleagues, and my community. 

To keep you as informed as possible, each Wednesday, we will share different facts and educational resources surrounding COVID-19. We hope these resources help you in your efforts to stay healthy and get vaccinated – supporting you in your efforts to protect the people you love, the people we support, and yourself. 

This Week's Deep Dive Readings: COVID-19   

COVID-19 Educational Resource

The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities, in partnership with StationMD, is hosting a COVID-19 Vaccination Town Hall. The Town Hall will be offered on two dates, with the same content being provided at each session.

You can register here for the 11 AM, August 17, 2021 session and here for the 1 PM, August 20, 2021 session.

Why I Got Vaccinated: Jen Kerner, Autism Services

"Aside from getting back to work, I got the vaccine so I could get back to my full life. 

My passion outside of work is helping to create a more inclusive and accessible live theatre community. An inclusive and accessible room needs to be a room in which people are safe and healthy."

It's simple; the vaccine is safe, effective, and available, and it doesn't just protect you. It protects your friends, family, and anyone you come in contact with. To access the vaccine, text your zip code to 438829 or email to receive assistance.

Thank you for all you do to connect and protect our community,




Wendy Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer

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