Mental Health and Employment Services Help Transition Re-Entering Citizens in Anne Arundel County

Easterseals DC MD VA Partners with County Police Department and Pascal Crisis Stabilization Center

March 16, 2022

Silver Spring, MD — Among people released from prison in 2010, fully one-third still had not found employment by 2014 – four years later.1

And, in both state and federal prisons, a sizable portion of the inmate population (43% and 23%, respectively) had a history of a mental health problems.2

Easterseals DC MD VA is combatting these statistics with the help of a $220,000 grant from the Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention to collaborate with Anne Arundel County partners on mental healthcare and employment issues facing re-entering citizens.

Easterseals DC MD VA (the lead implementing organization), the Anne Arundel County Police Department, and the Pascal Crisis Stabilization Center have formed a partnership to carry out this project, titled “A Comprehensive Strategy for Re-entering Citizens in Anne Arundel County.” The proposed project will provide 75 re-entering citizens of Anne Arundel County with behavioral healthcare services and substance use treatment, ongoing case management and access to emergency housing, and employment counseling and job placement. Program funds provide equipment, personnel, and training.

The partnership is an opportunity for the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic (Cohen Clinic) and Homeless Veterans Reintegration Programs (HVRP) at Easterseals DC MD VA to bridge the mental health and employment gap for re-entering citizens, both veterans and non-veterans. The partnership’s strategy aligns with Easterseals’ holistic approach and inclusion model: direct, comprehensive services to help people of all backgrounds realize their potential and live meaningful lives.

Easterseals DC MD VA is addressing mental healthcare and employment issues facing re-entering citizens through several of its established programs:

The Cohen Clinic is providing high-quality behavioral healthcare to 25 re-entering citizens. Clinicians treat a variety of challenges such as substance misuse, depression, anger, and transitional challenges.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Programs (HVRP) specialize in connecting incarcerated veterans with appropriate employment and life skills support as they transition from correctional facilities into the community. HVRP participants receive help with job training, professional testing, business attire, and local travel for interviews and jobs.

“The Cohen Clinic and HVRP are part of an interconnected network of our military and veterans’ services,” says Chris Wheedleton, Senior Vice President of Employment Programs at Easterseals DC MD VA. “Together with our Anne Arundel County partners, we are bridging service gaps and helping re-entering citizens feel valued, respected, and accepted.”

More information about statewide crime data at the Maryland Statistical Analysis Center.

1 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, December 2021, Employment of Persons Released from Federal Prison in 2010.
2 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, June 2021, Indicators of Mental Health Problems Reported by Prisoners: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016.


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The Governor's Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services funded this project under subaward number PIGF-2022-0015. All points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position of any State or Federal agency.

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