Adult Services

Easterseals is the leading nonprofit provider of services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and other special needs. For more than 100 years, we have been offering help and hope to children and adults living with disabilities, and to the families who love them. Through therapy, training, education and support services, Easterseals creates life-changing solutions so that people with disabilities can live, learn, work and play.

We offer the following services for adults:

Community Living

Our team works with each invidual and family to determine the best option for services, whether that means coming into your family home or moving your loved one to a home of his or her own. Assistance is provided in choosing a location for a home based on several factors, such as the desire to live near family, work or other activities. Either way, the Easterseals Midwest’s team ensures a smooth transition for your loved one and your family. We customize services to meet each individual’s need for support, ranging from just a few hours each month up to 24/7 support.

Pre-Employment Services

Easterseals Midwest's Employment Services are designed to provide you or your loved one with the skills to prepare for employment. Our team assists more than 800 teens and adults with disabilities as they build skills, and find and maintain competitive employment.


Easterseals Midwest provides an individualized approach to developing the skills, confidence, and real-world experience necessary to find and keep a job. With a variety of programs and services to choose from, we prepare each individual and their family for a successful workplace experience.

Social Skills Training

PEERS® stresses the importance of developing and maintaining friendships for individuals with autism. During the PEERS® group session, the individual is taught important social skills and given the opportunity to practice these skills through activities such as sports or board games. Parents also learn how to assist the participant in making and keeping friends.

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