How to build a relationship with your Legislator

Do your research

Before you can build a relationship with your legislators, you have to know who they are.

Find common ground

While speaking with a legislator, try to figure out what you have in common.

  • Research where they went to school or where they grew up.
  • If you go to the Capitol, see what they have in their office, like pictures of military service, photos of sports teams, historical regalia.
  • Use this information as a starting point for finding something in common that interests you both. At the very least, it gives insight to who they are.

Volunteer to join their campaign

One way to start a relationship is during campaign season.

  • During this time, legislators are campaigning in their hometown.
  • By volunteering, you show them you are engaged.
  • Remember: Just because you volunteer to pass out leaflets or make phone calls doesn't mean you have to vote for them.


Get involved

Show your legislator you're engaged by continued communication.

  • Call.
  • Email.
  • Visit their office.
  • Attend Town halls, district meetings, fundraisers, and special events.
  • Invitre them to coffee or to visit your home.
  • Most importantly, vote!

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