Advocacy in Actioin Committee

Know your Individual Rights

Your guide to self-advocacy: 

Individual Rights Daily Life and Employment - What a person does as part of everyday life - school, employment, volunteering, communication, routines, and life skills. 

Individual Rights Community Living – Where you live and how you get around your community. 

Individual Rights Social and Spirituality – Friendships, relationships, leisure activities, personal networks, and faith community. 

Individual Rights Healthy Living – Healthcare, staying well, medical, mental health, behavior, development, wellness, and nutrition. 

Individual Rights Safety and Security – Emergencies, well-being, and legal rights and issues. 

Individual Rights Citizenship and Advocacy – Building valued roles, making choices, setting goals, assuming responsibility, driving how one’s own life is lived, and supported decision-making. 

For a downloadable version of your Individual Rights, click here

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