Amplify voices

Help us amplify the voices of people with disabilities by taking these six steps: 

Amplify Voices  Meet your state Representative and Senators. Tell a personal story to educate them about people with disabilities. 

Amplify Voices Get active in your community. Speak up at public forums. school board meetings, or other events and encourage your elected officials to remember people with disabilities while in office.

Amplify Voices  Attend your Representative or Senator's fundraiser or townhall. Cultivate your relationship with them and share your story. 

Amplify Voices  Plan a tour of Easterseals Midwest's programs and invite your Representative or Senator. We can help you set it up. 

Amplify Voices  Invite your Represntative or Senator to coffee. Discuss critical service needs in an informal setting and share expertise of our staff.  

Amplify Voices  Write a letter to your local newspaper editor. Help educate the community about inclusion and people with disabilities. 

To learn more about how to get involved at Easterseals Midwest,
please call 1-800-200-2119 or email

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