Patrick's Story

Patrick's StoryPatrick receives employment services with Easterseals Midwest. At the beginning of most people’s employment journey with us, we start with exploring what careers that person thinks they would like to do – their interests, hobbies, joys, skills – all of this is taken into account.

When Patrick first began his services, he wasn’t sure what type of career would work best for him, especially because he wasn’t very comfortable in social situations. So Patrick began working with our employment staff on his social and job skills, strengthening the foundation he had. As he got more comfortable with these skills, he began trying out a couple of different jobs. Taking what he liked and disliked about the various positions he was able to try out, Patrick found a job he loves at Price Chopper!

What was once what Patrick considered a weakness was now the exact thing that made Patrick love his new job. Patrick says his favorite part of the job is getting to see the people he knows in his community in the store and being able to bag their groceries for them. He especially loves seeing his grandma in the store.

It is amazing to see Patrick’s confidence in his abilities and his smile is one of the biggest at his store!


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