Services for Young Adults

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At Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley, we believe every child deserves to thrive in an inclusive community. Our mission is to ensure that children with disabilities and their families are empowered. We offer pediatric therapy services throughout suburban Chicagoland from our rehabilitation centers in Villa Park, Elgin and Naperville. More than 1,000 infants and children with developmental delays and disabilities are seen in-person or through tele-therapy each week.

Our comprehensive services include occupational, physical, and speech-language therapies, mental health and family support, assistive technology, medical nutrition, audiology, autism services, and inclusive childcare. We specialize in the early identification of developmental delays and provide evaluations for every child or family need.

Insurance Information

As a private pediatric rehabilitation provider, we accept insurance and private pay. View the insurance companies we are contracted with and more details here.

If interested in starting therapy we recommend: 

  1. Calling your insurance company directly and asking for details about your plan benefits before starting therapy.
  2. Finding out if your providers are in network with your insurance plan using the provider tax ID (36-2476388) ahead of time.

Our Core Services

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy services focus on enhancing communication and feeding skills to the best of every child's ability. Speech and language therapists work on a variety of skills to assist each child in becoming a successful and confident communicator. Therapists are trained and experienced with interventions that focus on sound development, memory and organization, language, articulation, social communication, processing, voice, fluency, functional communication, in addition to oral motor skills to enhance swallowing, chewing, and articulation.

Occupational Therapy

A child's occupation is learning, playing and completing activities of daily living. An Easterseals occupational therapist can evaluate the components of motor skills, play activities and sensory processing which are vital to success with these life skills. The therapist then compares the child's abilities with what is developmentally appropriate for his/her age group and provides intervention and adaptations necessary to develop age-appropriate skills.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring a child's mobility and functional competency. Easterseals' licensed physical therapists utilize therapeutic exercises, therapy regimens, assistive devices and special techniques to encourage independence at home, school and in the community. They help evaluate your child's muscle tone and movement patterns which support the development of motoring skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping.

Mental Health & Family Support

Our team of compassionate mental health professionals has grown to offer extensive resources and provide a safe space for each family to receive support along their unique journey.

This diverse network of Licensed Social Workers (LSWs & LSCWs) and a Psychologist are available to answer questions, provide counseling support and strengthen relationships within our families.


Audiologists at Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley Region help solve hearing problems with a supportive rehabilitative approach, one that works to accommodate families' unique needs. Easterseals has very experienced and qualified adult and pediatric audiologists who serve all family members from newborns needing follow-up hearing testing to older adults who have gradually lost their hearing and are now in need of hearing aids. Audiology

Additional Programs & Services

Autism Services

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. Children with ASD have difficulty with social communication/interaction and exhibit restrictive and/or repetitive patterns of behavior. There is a wide range of ability among people with ASD. Easterseals offers many treatments and therapies for children with ASD. In addition to our core physical, occupational and speech-language therapies, our Autism Collaborative offers specialized clinics, medical partnerships, behavioral therapy, assistive technology (AT), inclusive day care, and support for parents and siblings. With advanced clinical training on leading autism treatments including DIRFloortime, behavior therapy, parent training and more, children with ASD will grow relationships with their caregivers and expand their emotional, social and cognitive skills.

DIR Therapy Services

DIRFloortime has become most widely known as an approach to support children with ASD. At Easterseals, DIR can be included when a child takes part in occupational therapy, speech language or family support services. The services are tailored to best reach a child’s needs and their family’s goals to improve relationships and abilities at home, at school and their community. Learn more here.

Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley also offers the following services for children and adults with disabilities. Click to learn more:

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