Transition to Adult Services

We understand that aging presents new opportunities and new challenges for individuals with disabilities. As the body and mind grow and change, so do physical and social needs. There are many adaptive tools, resources and technology advancements that enhance daily life for adults with disabilities.

We want to establish a plan of care and knowledge that prepares you for the next life stage.

At Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley, we recognize that each person's experience is unique. Therapy services will be different at different times in our clients’ lives, varying from more intensive to more consultative. We are here to provide this range of services, as long as we are the most appropriate place for our clients. Our objective is to provide the resources or services necessary for successful transition to adulthood.

How do we help transition to adulthood?

Episodes of Care

Having a lifelong health condition does not mean lifelong and continuous therapies.  In different phases of life, needs change and services look different.

Ongoing therapy is intended to improve functional abilities and build new skills.  After a series of therapy sessions, it's typical to see skills level off and less change week-to-week.  When this happens, a break from therapy provides an opportunity to relax, re energize and practice skills at home  –  often sparking progress.

Research shows that therapy sessions are most effective when you plan and group them as episodes of care.
Each episode is a period of goal-based treatment followed by practice breaks.  We work with you to establish a plan of care that ensures the needs of every aging child are met and that they feel empowered to keep reaching their goals after age 21.

Transitioning to Episodic Care:

A personalized transition plan is designed based on therapy history, functional goals and the client’s motivation.

  • The transition to focused episodic care takes effect by the time a client reaches age 21, but may be earlier depending on the client’s needs.

Setting & Supporting Goals

Goal and discharge planning is a continuous process. We are here to ensure you have the information and support you need to make informed decisions.

We understand your school may work with you to support transition planning. Our role is to support the work that is being done by other members of your care and education team. We will work together to set measurable and attainable goals for future success.


Many Easterseals families have found the programs listed helpful. We encourage each client and their family to complete their own research as each individual's needs are different.

Click here to learn more on resources for driver services, home modifications, employment and and more.

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