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Easter Seals assists members of Congress and their staff, White House and federal agency officials, and representatives of other national interests -- as well as citizens like you -- to understand and act in support of policies and programs that help people with disabilities to live with equality, dignity and independence.

Easter Seals' legislative efforts focus on health care, early intervention, child care, education, employment, housing, supports for older Americans, recreation, assistive technology, transportation, and nonprofit organization operations.

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Early Intervention

As you may know, Governor Rauner has proposed cutting $23M from the state’s Early Intervention budget. That means that children with developmental delays of less than 50% would no longer be eligible to receive services through the EI program.  We would like to encourage you to contact Governor Rauner and your Legislators informing them of the negative impact this would have on our children. Below you will find some information that will assist you with your communications.


Please help us fight the governor’s proposal. Here’s what you can do:

1. Email / fax / call your Illinois General Assembly Legislators to let them know you oppose these cuts! Don’t know who your rep is? You can look it up online through the state’s board of elections site:

  • Include signature with printed name, address, phone number and legislative district if you know it.  Include a picture of your family too; we think your statement will be even more impactful.

2. Email  Governor Rauner through his constituent page and let him know you oppose the cuts:

3. Send a letter to your Legislator. Full list here.

Not sure what to say to your state legislator? 

 My name is ___________________________. I am writing to oppose the proposed budget cuts and eligibility changes to Illinois’ Early Intervention program. Increasing the level of delay required for eligibility from the current 30% delay to a 50% delay will be devastating to thousands of Illinois families, including ours. My family was/is a part of the EI program for ___(# of years/months)_____for our child, who was diagnosed with (percentage)_ delay in (areas of delay). My child receives/received (type of services – e.g. OT, PT, DT, Speech, Social work, nursing, transportation, service coordination) and is now functioning at a___________% delay/no longer requires special education support.

Be specific about the challenges your family faced before Early Intervention.

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