Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley has been at the forefront of serving children and their families in a way that meets their current needs through clinical expertise, a team-based approach, and integrating technology to ensure maximum independence. As an organization, we have been offering tele-therapy opportunities for the past 10 years as a service delivery model to those it would serve optimally (i.e., a generalization of skills to home environment, transportation issues, medically fragile or at-risk health, to accommodate busy schedules, etc.).

Think Tele-therapy is a fit for your child's needs? Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630.261.6287 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

What is Teletherapy?

Tele-therapy is a method of delivering therapy services at a distance when health, transportation or time constraints prohibit access to center-based services. All that is needed is a computer, webcam, microphone and a high speed internet connection. Therapy is conducted outside of the clinical setting through online communication. Therapists provide one-on-one services as they would in-person, but sessions are conducted using webcams and transmitted through a secure internet connection. Therapy sessions take place in real time and are unique to each service plan based on your child’s specific needs. These offerings enable our clients to enjoy therapy services in the comfort of their own home.

Why Begin Here?

Tele-therapy provides access to our therapy team in a safe and convenient method. We understand the immense stress of balancing your child’s needs with the demands of work and school while also keeping your family healthy. We are here to ensure that each child and their caregivers have the support they need to adopt this technology and continue therapy progress. The technology allows more flexibility to meet during busy schedules and is an option for families in more remote areas. Caregivers are actively involved in the therapy process and can carry over materials to practice across environments. Our experience and research shows that client, family and therapist satisfaction and outcomes emulate those of traditional face-to-face sessions. 

How Does Tele-Therapy Work?

Once evaluated to determine eligibility for skilled therapy services, your therapist would follow up to plan your child’s tele-therapy session and schedule a time to meet. They will work with you to review treatment plans and establish your priorities. 

Laptops or desktop computers are preferred for best overall experience. But tablets, iPhones and Android phones can work too as long as the device has a working microphone and camera. A stable internet connection is needed via a hard-line/Ethernet cord, WiFi or using your cellular plan (your standard data rates may apply). Screen sharing is available to increase participation, engagement and utilization of resources throughout the session.

How Do I Get Started?

Think Tele-therapy is a fit for your child's needs? Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630.261.6287 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

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