WalkAide Clinic

The WalkAide Clinic is hosted at the Villa Park Center for clients looking to improve their gait related to foot drop. When children or adults have difficulty lifting the front part of their foot due to muscle weakness or paralysis, it causes them to drag the foot or toe. The WalkAide Clinic can help restore mobility and decrease difficulty with everyday activities.

For children or adults with cerebral palsy, stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, spastic paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, as well as other upper motor neuron injuries the WalkAide device allows the child or adult to focus on lifting his or her foot while walking. The device delivers electronic stimulation to the muscles to aid in lifting the foot.

For more information on the WalkAide device, please visit www.WalkAide.com.

Why Begin Here?

This exciting technology is part of our commitment to engage in innovative equipment so that our clients have every opportunity to become more independent. After an initial evaluation, the physical therapy team decides if the child would benefit from a 30 day trial of the WalkAide device.

If so, the child or adult is given a temporary WalkAide device to take home and use for a test period. Use of the WalkAide is then integrated into daily life and therapy sessions, and permanent devices can be purchased after the trial for continued use at home.

How do I Get Started?

To find out if the WalkAide Clinic is suitable for you, or your child, call our Intake Coordinator, Diana Dixon at 630.282.2022, or email for more information dldixon@eastersealsdfvr.org.

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