Customized Therapy Intensives

For children who need a short-term increase in therapy in order to meet a functional goal, Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley offers customized intensive therapy sessions. Our intensive therapy format is designed to provide exactly what each child needs to meet one pre-determined functional goal that is medically-necessary at this point in their rehabilitation.

Children Who Will Benefit

A child with a disability might benefit from an intensive therapy “boost” at different times during the rehabilitation process. If your child has reached a plateau in progress, and it is felt by the therapy team that a functional goal could be reached with more strengthening of particular muscle groups or movement patterns, that is a good time for intensive therapy. Many children schedule an intensive therapy bout when they are on the verge of a new skill and need strengthening and repetitive practice to attain the skill. An intensive therapy session can help the child and team of caregivers focus on one particular goal that the child is motivated to attain. Intensives can also help with post-operative strengthening and learning new motor patterns within one year of orthopedic surgery. In our experience, criteria that result in the most progress made in an intensive therapy program include:

  • Ability to commit to full attendance for 2-hour therapy sessions, 3 times per week for 5 weeks
  • Physical and emotional endurance to work through 2 consecutive hours of therapy
  • Cognitive ability to make choices for preferred activities and follow basic directions
  • Motivation to move and play
  • Children with moderate level of involvement (GMFCS levels 2, 3, and 4) make the most progress with children in the milder and more severe categories making less progress overall.

Scheduling an Intensive Therapy Session

Please contact for information on getting started. Easterseals clients should discuss the possibility of a customized therapy intensive with their current therapy team to determine if the child would benefit at this time and to set a functional, medically-necessary goal. Out-of-center clients will need to schedule an evaluation to determine if an intensive session would be appropriate and to set a goal for the session. Due to limited availability, candidates will be scheduled for therapy intensives based on best clinical match and appropriateness of goals.

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