Cooking Crew

Focused therapy programs are intended to allow children to address their therapeutic needs and goals amongst peers working on similar goals. This program will include speech and occupational therapy, targeting executive functioning skills (e.g., planning, organizing, staying on task, etc.) while cooking in the kitchen. The program will consist of following a different recipe each week and working as a team to create various food items while targeting their goals. The program will include 3-4 clients and one SLP and one OT. There is a one-time out-of-pocket program fee of $50 for this group to cover the cost of food. 

Who Should Participate?

The program will target individuals in the age range of 9 through 12, at a conversational language level, who have difficulties with executive functioning and/or coordination concerns. Executive functioning skills will be targeted as the clients are asked to work together to determine their plan and the steps involved in carrying out the recipe. Clients will also be encouraged to talk through each process to make sure that language is being used appropriately in order to communicate their thoughts effectively. Occupational therapy will also be incorporated into the sessions as the clients work on different motor functions to use the various kitchen appliances and tools. OT can address environmental and safety awareness in the kitchen, keeping materials organized and using appliances appropriately. An initial evaluation will determine the appropriateness of your child’s participation in this program. If it is determined this program is not appropriate to meet your child’s needs, alternative recommendations will be provided. 

Program Objectives

To Improve: 

  • Executive functioning skills 
  • Time management 
  • Coordination of motor skills 
  • Environmental and safety awareness in the kitchen  

Day and Time 

Wednesdays: 5:00-6:00 PM

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us at or at 630.357.9699 to ask questions and register for any of our programs.


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